Utility Data

What is Utility Data?

Utility data consists of your timely and outstanding payment information for services such as water, electricity, phone bills, Internet and television subscriptions from providers of "credit-like" services, i.e. utility or telecommunication companies.  

How is it useful?

Utility data benefits, in terms of credit accessibility, those who have very little or no established relationship with the financial institutions. These individuals are referred to as "thin file" borrowers (borrowers with little credit history) and "null file" borrowers (borrowers with no credit history).

As utility data serves as value-added information inside the credit report, the financial institutions will have alternative means of evaluating the creditworthiness of their existing and prospect borrowers. 

NOTE: The Credit Bureau DOES NOT collect the following information:

    • Savings / deposits;
    • Net worth of the individuals; and/or
    • Investment(s) made through the Members.